Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Beginning

The Feminist Foodie began rather simply...

While working my PCA job earlier this afternoon, tantrums and squeals couldn't distract me from my growling stomach. Work wouldn't be over for another hour, meaning two things: 1) The kids would probably spend most of my money before my shift ended, so... 2) I would need to find something to quell my hunger on the cheap. 
By shift's end, I had a measly $5.35 left in my wallet, a stomach growling like trucks down-shifting on the highway, and less than half an hour to spare until it it was time to hit the books again.
Now how many times have I been in this situation- with $5 or less left in my wallet and nothing but stale cereal and black bananas back at the apartment? I needed something quick, something tasty, and something thrifty. 

Pause. This is where The Feminist Foodie is born. I'm a college student with a love for good eats at dirt cheap prices and a passion for empowering women. No need to keep the news to myself!
Now how do feminism and food intersect, you ask? Simple. We renounce post-meal guilt, embrace our bodies' needs for fuel and step forward as healthy, nourished women ready to take on the patriarchal paradigm. The two are inextricably linked. 

And this is the birth of The Feminist Foodie.