Friday, January 8, 2010

Rape Fables.


  1. I LOVE Sarah Haskins: Target women.
    But that is something I've always wondered about broadview..."OOO Scary loud noise. Well I'm just going to take what I want (or whatever the intentions were) and leave real fast."
    And I understand the calling, but are they not going to send anyone unless you answer and verify you need help? (I dont know, for some reason I have this horrible image in my head where broadview keeps calling and calling but no one picks up. Then the house is shown and the resident is tied up. Now the broadview guy is annoyed because no one is answering

  2. I'm not sure how it works exactly... I have house sat a home with a security system several times, and if you set off the alarm, they call you. I'm sure that if you don't pick up, they send the police. And if you do pick up, you have to give them a "code word" to turn off the alarm.

    Still, most systems have a 45 second delay until the alarm is set off, and then there is a delay until the alarm company contacts you/contacts the police.

    In either case, 45+ seconds is not long enough for someone to steal your TV. It's long enough for them to kill you, though.